I am a well travelled whale freak

I was born in South Africa but brought up in England. From as far back as I can remember I have wanted to work with whales and dolphins since I saw a picture of one on TV when I was about seven. After graduating from university I started chasing the dream and went volunteering on various whale research projects around the world. This included working with humpback whales in the USA, gray whales in Mexico, blue whales in Australia and killer whales in Norway. I also spent over two years sailing on a research boat named ‘Odyssey‘ which sailed around the world studying pollution levels in the ocean using samples from sperm whales. I was lucky enough to sail to the Galapagos Islands, around Australia, the Seychelles and across the Atlantic to the Caribbean on Odyssey. During these trips a passion for photography developed.

I have since whale watched off all seven continents and now work as a guide and naturalist on whale watching boats in various parts of the world. Currently I work in west Iceland for Láki Tours between May and September, watching mostly orcas (killer whales), sperm whales, humpback whales and a number of other species. Then I move to Dyer Island Cruises in South Africa from October for three months which is a breeding ground for the Southern right whale.  As January comes to an end I go to Whale Magic Tours in Mexico to work with the incredible ‘friendly’ gray whales of Baja California, the most curious whales in the world.

I am lucky enough to have seen some incredible sights in my job, not just whales and dolphins but landscapes, birds and other animals, and hope to share some of them with you in my photography. I hope you like the images too.