Welcome to my new blog and website. Thanks for taking a look.
My name is Judith Scott and I have been working as a whale watching guide in many places around the world for most of the last twenty years. People have often asked me if I write a blog and I have always replied, no; until now! I hope I am up to the challenge, but in my many years working on the ocean I have been lucky enough to see some amazing things and seen whales off every continent. I hope to share some of them here mostly through my photography, but I would like to see if I can manage to be eloquent in words as well as pictures.

My story with whales started when I was only about seven. I was born in South Africa, and always feel a part of me was left in Africa, but we moved to the UK when I was five. It was an episode of the kids TV show in the UK, Blue Peter, and a picture of a killer whale on there that got my love of whales going. I am often asked why, but I have no idea, however this image was so interesting to me I started drawing killer whales on anything I could find. I used to spend hours as a teenager painting killer whales on my finger nails (usually just my thumbs as rather time consuming) with about six different layers of colours. Maybe this was a bit much, and I was bullied at school because of my slight whale orientated quirkiness.

This is my bedroom when I was a kid. My Gran used to come and stay in my room and complain about getting sea sick!

I was planning to go to university and study marine biology, however a slight hatred of maths sent me to the career advisor’s office at college, who, after hearing why I wanted to study this proceeded to declare that this was a crazy career choice and I was not up to it and would never find a job. I don’t know if this moment in my life has slightly altered in my memory over the years, however I would love to show that guy my CV now as I have worked with whales all over the world.
I will write about how I got going in the whale world, a very competitive business on my next blog. Thanks for being here and enjoy my photos!

Judith Scott

About Judith Scott

I am an international whale watching guide.


  • Maria says:

    So great to read this Jud! Looking forward to more blogs and of course your beautiful pictures. Happy travels!

  • Elfyn Pugh says:

    ‘At last’ Judith. Good luck with your new website and the blog. I’m sure you will inspire people all over the world with your writings.

  • Norman says:

    Well done and keep it up. I think the length is about right.

  • Doug Johnson says:

    Great site Judith. We’ve been following you on Facebook for about a year and love seeing your pictures and hearing your stories. We look forward to seeing more on your site. Good luck.

  • Sue Kidd says:

    Good luck , you have such a lot to share , can’t wait for the next episode !

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