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1 » Muffet Jamieson from Battle
Great Website and I have really enjoyed the photos you have posted!

2 » Muffet Jamieson from Battle
Excellent website and great to see all your photos Judith.

3 » John Scowen from Hastings, East Sussex
Well done Judith, great site, great photos.

4 » Sigurður Ægisson from Siglufjörður

5 » Gary Woods from Eastbourne, UK
Truly inspirational photography Judith
In the words of the Electric Light Orchestra, 'Wonderous is our great blue ship that sails around the mighty Sun..'. And when I see photo's like this I find myself feeling awed and humbled in equal measure. Thanks for sharing. Gaz

6 » Clare Neves-Scott from Langebaan
Thank you for spending so much time to share your talent. Love your passion, focus and most of all your stunning pictures xx

7 » Neil Fullbrook from Polegate
Excellent site Jude, great photos

8 » Maria Banks from Woodbridge
Really love the site Judith, congratulations and well done!

9 » Bridget Scott
Fantastic site. Everytime I thought I had picked my favourite photo, I would then find a new favourite!

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