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Humpback whales

Thousands of humpback whales migrate to the Caribbean each winter to mate and give birth to their calves after feeding in the temperate and polar regions of the North Atlantic for the summer. Most of them head to Silver Bank off the Dominican Republic and this is one of very few places in the world where they allow people into the water with the whales. Being next to a 15m mother whale with her 4-5m calf, who is just a few weeks old is a quite astonishing experience and something I have dreamed of doing since a child. It was incredible, and at times very peaceful, but the young calves sometimes got a little playful and during these periods it was not so quite so peaceful and was more like having a 5m puppy charging you!

Breaching humpback, Massachusetts
Calf Humpback whale, Silver Bank, Domonican Republic
Eye of a humpback calf, Silver Bank, Dominican Republic
Feeding humpback, Massachusetts
Humback whale calf, Silver Bank, Dominican Republic

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