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Orcas of Tysfjord - Norway

In Tysfjord, Norway, 200km above the Arctic Circle pods of Killer Whales or Orcas come inside the fjords to feed on herring during the winter. From late November to January the sun never comes above the horizon. There is twilight from around 10am for only about 4 hours, so you have to get out on the whale watch during that short window. At temperatures that regularly reached -15 degrees Celsius hard core whale watchers would go out either on the 'big' boat or on a zodiac and actually go swimming with the killer whales. With incredible scenery, light and whales it was a photographer's dream, however the low light also made it tricky. Unfortunately the whales are no longer coming into the fjord in the numbers they used to so I was very lucky to work for one season on the whale watch there, filming and photographing the whales and the scenery.

Herring fishing, Norway
Killer Whale spyhop, Tysfjord, Norway

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