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San Ignacio - Mexico

In one small lagoon on the West coast of Baja California, Mexico, there is a whale watch industry like no other in the world. Fifteen metre long grey whales and their calves come up to people in small panga boats to interact with us. We are on a whale watch but they are on a human watch. The whales are there for breeding and calving and are not eating whist in the lagoon. The large adults are intent on breeding, however the Mums and their new born calves don't have much to do to keep them occupied and so they appear to use us to alleviate the boredom. Grey whale Mum's and their calves appear to enjoy being scratched and touched, rubbing themselves up against the boats. I am no advocate for touching wild animals and I generally think it is a very bad idea, however I would challenge anyone to visit San Ignacio and not stick your hand out when a whale appears to be begging to have some physical interaction. If they don't want to be touched then they move away. It is the whales that are in control of the interactions and it can be a life changing experience for many people.

Eye of a Grey Whale calf, San Ignacio, Mexico
Grey Whale breach, San Ignacio, Mexico
Grey Whale Calf mouth, San Ignacio, Mexico
Grey Whale Kiss, San Ignacio, Mexico
Grey Whale Mum, San Ignacio, Mexico

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