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Welcome to Judith Scott Photography

My adventures across the world with wildlife

Who I am

My name is Judith Scott and I am an international whale watching guide. Having wanted to work with whales since I was seven, I have spent more than twenty years whale watching all over the world. I trained as a marine guide with a naturalist who had studied whale watching education as her masters, so was an incredible teacher. I also worked for two and a half years on Dr Roger Payne’s research boat Odyssey, sailing around the world studying sperm whales. Dr Payne was the scientist who discovered humpback whale song. Through this I cemented my love of cetaceans as well as falling in love with travelling, photography and nature. I have since travelled in all the world’s continents and sailed on the Atlantic, Indian, Southern and Pacific Oceans following my dreams. I have worked in many great whale watching spots, most recently in west Iceland, Baja, Mexico, Arctic Norway and South Africa. I currently spend most of the year in Iceland, as well as working in Antarctica.

About me

My photography

After studying art at university I now find my art in my photography. My kit is a Canon 7D Mark ii and a Canon 5D IV with the Canon 70-200mm IS f2.8 lens and a Canon 100-400mm IS f4.0 lens. There are also a number of wide-angle lenses in my camera bag. I have sold images to National Geographic Kids as well as won photography competitions. I feel very privileged to have been all around the world visiting so many incredible places just because of my love of whales. I have also seen a lot of destruction that is happening in the natural world due to human actions. From turtles and whales entangled in fishing gear to albatrosses full of plastic. I hope my images do just a little to inspire you to help save the natural world; it needs all the help it can get right now. It can feel over-whelming in the face of such destruction to try and make a difference, but if you pick a species or a habitat you care about, we can all make a small difference. We need the natural world, not just to take nice pictures, but for all our health and well-being.

About me

Get in touch

If you like my photos and are interested in buying one, please let me know. Quotes for images are available upon request. Once a year I sell photography calendars so look out for them by following me on Facebook or Instagram. I also have blank cards available that can be used for letters or greetings cards. Please do ask if interested.
If you are considering going whale watching somewhere I have been or worked and are interested in knowing more about how to choose the most responsible company and the best time of year for the species you are keen to see, try me. I might be able to help point you in the right direction. I certainly do not know about all the amazing places you can see whales nowadays, however I can do my best to try and help. It can make all the difference to your experience as well as that of the whales if whale watching is conducted responsibly, with enforced regulations and with not too many boats in a small area.

About me